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Where To Fish

Popular locations include around piers, bridges, areas where the current is necked between two points of land and expansive shallow flats areas. Grass, vegetation, and cover in combination with these locations make prime spots.

When To Fish

High tide is the best time to catch fish as food is washed into these shallow areas activating the fish.

What To Use

Popular baits include gold spoons, plastic grubs and shad. Live bait is an excellent option most times. Flashy spoons and brightly colored grubs are favored on sunny days.

Fishing Strategies

Predators will often herd smaller fish towards contained areas, obstacles, and the surface. If you see jumping baitfish and feeding activity, try to cast into the action. If you cannot reach the activity, anticipate its path and intercept it.

Check and set the drag on your reel prior to your first cast. You do not want to lose a big fish trying to set the drag during the fight. Keep sand away from the moving parts of your reel and rinse off your entire combo with fresh water after each usage.

Basic Rigs and Techniques

The choice of rig and technique depends on fishing conditions.
The Clinch Knot is recommended for all rigs.

Here are some popular approaches to Inshore fishing.

Popping Float Rig
This rig is effective when fishing with live or cut bait. Keep the rig near the surface and retrieve with short jerks and pauses. This will attract fish by the splashing and movement.
  1. Tie hook onto line.
  2. Attach popping float to line 3' from end, pointed side down.
  3. Attach bait to hook.
  4. Adjust float until you find the depth of the fish.
Rigged Swirltail
This works best with a popping retrieve. Do not allow the grub to touch the bottom.

Pass hook of jighead through grub as shown.

Productive Inshore Fishing Spots