Why Ready2Fish?


Everything you need to head out to the water is included in each combo kit. Pre-spooled reel, rod, tackle box, tackle, how-to instructions... EVERYTHING!


Combo systems are designed around the type of environment (fresh or saltwater), or the type of fish specie. Combos also come in spinning, spincast and fly-fishing versions.


Color-coded combo systems make it easy to match accessory items and expansion lure kits to each combo. Just pick your application or species and GO!


About Ready2Fish®

Ready2Fish combosWe created Ready2Fish®, the original and complete combo fishing system, over 20 years ago to help make fishing affordable, fun and easy for families and weekend anglers. No matter what type of fishing, location or specie you're after, R2F® has the solution.

The Ready2Fish® system matches the appropriate rod and reel for each fish specie, or more generally, for an application or environment such as surf and pier fishing. Next we add a selection of basic tackle matched to the fish specie or application. Our color-code system for combos and lure kits make it easy to pick your application or species and GO!

Ready2Fish® Reinvented

We've reinvented Ready2Fish® so it transports easier, looks better, performs better and provides more information, tips and how-to's. Our patent pending "Easy Transport" Tackle Kit and redesigned R2F® Performance Series combos perform better to the water and on the water. These enhanced combos feature high-tech finishes, contoured split grip reel seats for increased sensitivity, and reels with vented spools.


We reengineered our tackle kit and incorporated color-coded ETS* closures. These unique closures make it easier for anglers to transport their combo safely without the risk of losing tackle or breaking a rod tip - and can only be found on the new Ready2Fish®.

The Family Connection

Fishing is the simple, inexpensive way to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends. R2F® makes it hassle-free so you can focus on the fun, the fish and the great memories.

Today's budget minded families have discovered new ways to vacation and have fun - "staycations" are the new "cool" with the modern family going back to basics. Hiking, backpacking and of course fishing with Ready2Fish® are great ways to enjoy nature and have fun outdoors.